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25 Best Safari Content Creators to follow!

In an age where our screens can become windows to the world, Instagram has emerged as a vibrant canvas for storytellers who bring the wilds of Africa into our daily lives. The allure of a safari is timeless — the majestic landscapes, the raw pulse of nature, and the breathtaking wildlife are a siren call to the adventurer in all of us. Yet, not everyone can experience these wonders in person. This is where a special breed of content creators steps in — the modern-day custodians of Earth's most enigmatic continent. From the whispered secrets of the savannah to the hidden nooks of the jungle, these 25 safari content creators are not just photographers and filmmakers; they are guides, educators, and conservators, each with a lens and a story.

A Lioness with yellow Emerges From The Elephant Shadows of a dead elephant
A Lioness Emerges From The Elephant Shadows - Image Jason Charles Hill

Embarking on a Digital Safari: The 25 Top Safari Content Creators to Follow on Instagram

Among these visual raconteurs are seasoned Safari Guides whose intimate knowledge of the African bush provides us with front-row seats to nature’s unscripted dramas. Professional Filmmakers weave narratives that capture the heart of the wild, often showcasing the fragile balance between survival and extinction. And Photo Safari Guides help us freeze moments in time, teaching us through their art about the critical importance of conservation.

Their content is far more than mere visual feasts; it is a clarion call to action. With each post, these creators are doing more than showcasing the beauty and brutality of the natural world; they are highlighting the urgent need for its preservation. They bring attention to the silent struggles of Africa's flora and fauna, making a global audience acutely aware of what is at stake if we remain passive.

A young Male Lion on Termite Mound.
A young Male Lion on Termite Mound. Image Craig Howes

These creators help bridge the gap between distant ecosystems and the global community. Through their lenses, the plight of endangered species and the successes of conservation efforts gain attention, resonating with millions in a way that statistics seldom do. They foster a sense of connection and responsibility, inspiring a new generation of wildlife advocates and nature lovers.

As you scroll through their galleries, expect to be transported, transformed, and transcendently connected to the heart of Africa. You will encounter stories of resilience, coexistence, and the intricate dance of ecosystems — all of which challenge us to rethink our role in this world.

So, prepare to be captivated, educated, and inspired as we introduce you to the 25 best safari content creators to follow on Instagram. Each image, each video, each narrative not only etches the beauty of Africa into our consciousness but also imprints upon us the pressing importance of conservation.

Here are the 25 Best Wildlife Content Creators to Follow on Instagram- In No Particular Order

1. Marlon Du Toit -@Marlondutoit

From Safari Guide to Photo Safari Guide, Marlon du Toit is a legendary figure in the world of Safari Photography and wildlife filmmaking. With his company @Tandaafrika, he leads incredible photo safari adventures that leave a lasting impression. Marlon's captivating on-camera presence and his exploration of diverse countries and Safari lodges are simply awe-inspiring. And as if that wasn't enough, he never fails to capture behind-the-scenes footage of his guests getting up close and personal with wildlife. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with Marlon du Toit.

2. Matt Rochford @Matt.rochford

Introducing Matt, a phenomenal Ranger at Londolozi Private Game Reserve. Prepare to be entranced by his stunning visuals and incredible video content. Located in Sabi Sands, South Africa, Londolozi is renowned as one of the ultimate destinations to witness the majestic big 5, particularly the elusive Leopards. Get ready to experience Matt's expert captures of these magnificent creatures in action!

3. Harman Singh Heer @hshphotos

Meet Harman, the ultimate Safari Planner and Photo safari Leader. With a base in both Australia and Kenya, he knows the best spots to capture stunning wildlife moments. As the co-founder of @mzurisafaris, a top-notch travel company, Harman specialises in creating bespoke safaris tailored to your every desire. But it's his wildlife imagery that truly stands out - each photo is a work of art, filled with vibrant colours and expert framing. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary safari adventure with Harman leading the way.

4. Francois Fourie @francoisfouriewildlife

Meet Francois, the Wildlife Photographer and Content Manager at More Family Collection. As part of his work, he captures the breathtaking beauty of Lion Sands, located at the junction of Private Sabi Sands Game Reserve and Kruger National Park. Follow Francois on his Instagram @francoisfouriewildlife to witness his exceptional eye for detail and the fascinating insights he shares about the wildlife dynamics in the reserves he explores.

5. Mark Nicholson @marknicholson83

Mark, a talented photographer based in Zambia, has been nominated as the Man of the Year for his breathtaking photography. Through his lens, Mark captures the stunning beauty of Zambia, specifically in the South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Parks. His incredible imagery and video content showcase the rich biodiversity of these areas. Perhaps most notably, Mark has documented the rare and thrilling sight of the Jeki Wild Dog Pack, consisting of an impressive 45 members, hunting buffalo. Alongside his captivating visuals, Mark also provides insightful captions that enhance the viewer's experience. Join us in celebrating Mark's masterful work as he captures the essence of Zambia's natural wonders.

6. Martin Meyer @martinmeyer_wild

Get ready to be awestruck by Martin, a wildlife photographer from South Africa. His work is truly one-of-a-kind, and we've been avidly following him right from the start. Martin's distinctive style, edits, and breathtaking choice of colours have won our hearts. But what truly sets him apart is his extraordinary talent for capturing the raw emotion and sheer beauty of every animal he encounters. Get ready to be transported into the wild through Martin's lens.

7. Marthinus Johannes Coetzee @Endlesssafari

Meet Marthinus, the Co-founder & CEO of ORYX Photo Tours. He is not only an extraordinary Safari Photographer but also captures stunning images of Tigers in India. Get inspired by his breathtaking low-angle wildlife shots.

8. Cathan Moore @bush_maniac

Incredible young photographer wins 2021 African Wildlife Awards! Get ready to be blown away by Cathan's stunning images that capture the intense gaze of predators. Join us in anticipation of all the incredible things this talented artist will achieve. Don't miss out on owning prints of his extraordinary photography.

9. Rachel Rebibo - @rachelrebibo

Meet Rachel, the talented wildlife and Safari Photographer based in Zambia at the stunning Anabezi Camp. Situated in the heart of the lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia, this 5-Star Tented camp is the perfect backdrop for Rachel's breathtaking photography. With her keen eye for light and capturing intense wildlife moments, Rachel never fails to deliver stunning shots. Plus, she has a special talent for capturing the perfect family portrait.

10. Deon Kelbrick - @deon_wildlifephotography

Deon, the master of rare wildlife footage, excels in framing and creating stunningly clean edits. His expertise is showcased in the captivating images he captures. Deon's habitat of choice is Kruger National Park, where he dedicates most of his time. Not only are his visuals breathtaking, but his informative captions also add depth to his work.

11. Kirst Joscelyne - @Kirstjos_photography

Kirst, the field guide at the stunning Londolozi Private Game Reserve in Sabi Sands, is known for her exceptional photography and regular sharing of thrilling wildlife sightings.

12. James Tyrrell - @jamotyrrell

Introducing James, the ultimate explorer: professional Safari Guide, Film Maker, and Photographer. Unearthed during the lockdown, James captivated us with his captivating daily Safaris and Updates for Londolozi Virtual Safaris. With an unrivalled talent for capturing the wild, he now embarks on thrilling expeditions across Africa, crafting extraordinary Safari Content that will take your breath away. Prepare to be entranced by his remarkable vision.

13. Michael Raddall - @Michael_Rads_

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with Michael, a talented wildlife and luxury lodge photographer. Brace yourself for jaw-dropping wildlife shots and exclusive glimpses into the magnificent Safari Lodges of Africa.

14. Daz Mental - @dazmental

Get ready to be blown away by Daz, a fearless and dedicated wildlife filmmaker trekking through the rugged landscapes of Southern Africa. Armed with his camera, he embarks on thrilling adventures in the bush, on a mission to capture awe-inspiring wildlife stories for Nat Geo Wild. We're hooked on Daz's exhilarating journeys and the breathtaking content he brings to life.

15. Daniel Wraith - @daniel.wraith

Introducing Daniel, a 25-year-old South African guide at Andbeyond Ngala, the pioneering nature reserve integrated into the Kruger National Park. With his incredible talent, Daniel has been consistently delivering extraordinary wildlife content. His latest achievement includes capturing the majestic White Lioness at Andbeyond Ngala, as well as the heartwarming sight of her first litter of cubs. Not only does Daniel have an eye for photography, but his captions also offer fascinating insights and in-depth details. You won't want to miss out on his incredible work!

16. Daniel Roberts @dan_roberts_07

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable African adventure with Daniel, a passionate Safari Guide and Photographic Safari Expedition leader at @Everseensa. With his keen eye and talent for capturing incredible intimate images and video of African Wildlife, Daniel will transport you to the heart of the wild like never before. Join him on this thrilling journey and witness the beauty of the animal kingdom firsthand.

17. Tristan Cary - @tristan_cary__

Tristan, the ultimate wildlife enthusiast, is a master of capturing the beauty of the natural world through photography and filmmaking. As a resident expert at the prestigious Tintswalo Safari Lodge, located in the heart of the breathtaking Kruger National Park, Tristan's skills are in high demand. His ability to transform ordinary wildlife moments into extraordinary works of art is truly unmatched. Get ready to be transported to the wild wonders of Manyeleti with Tristan's incredible eye for detail and passion for fine art photography.

18. Jaco Joubert @jaco_wildlife

Jaco, a Safari field guide at Mala Mala Private Game Reserve, is redefining wildlife photography with his stunning captures of the magnificent big 5. Join him on an awe-inspiring journey through one of the world's top destinations.

19. James Suter @JamesSuter

Meet James, the co-founder of BlackBean Productions. With a passion for conservation, James dedicates his time to directing captivating films and capturing stunning narratives about conservation and the challenges of human-wildlife conflict. Get ready for a unique glimpse into his remarkable journeys through the heart of Africa.

20. Quin Rutherford @quinrutherford

Join Quin on an epic African adventure! From stunning wildlife photography to thrilling overland journeys, Quin's Page is a must for anyone who shares a passion for Africa, travel photography, and 4x4's. Get ready to be captivated by the beauty of the continent and embark on an unforgettable exploration.

21. Ivan Ueckermann - @Ivanueckermann

Introducing Ivan, the ultimate Photographic Safari Guide. With an unyielding passion for the bush, Ivan embarks on awe-inspiring adventures in Africa, capturing the most mesmerizing moments through his lens. Today, we bring you an exclusive video featuring the oldest lioness alive. Brace yourself for an extraordinary encounter with the queen of the savannah.

22. Neil Jennings @neil_jenn

Meet Neil, the talented Safari Photographer and Guide based at Dulini Lodge in the breathtaking Sabi Sands, South Africa. Neil never fails to capture jaw-dropping content from this stunning location.

23. Solly Levi - @Solly_levi

Check out Solly, the incredible award-winning photographer who specializes in capturing the stunning landscapes of Namibia, Kenya, and Botswana. Solly's photography is truly a work of art, with a unique editing style that perfectly captures those special moments. His photos are like beautiful paintings that you'll love to proudly display on your wall.

24. Andrew Macdonald - @a_mac_photo

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the extraordinary Andrew — a renowned photographer who has garnered multiple awards and even graced the pages of National Geographic. His ability to evoke raw emotion through captivating wildlife images is truly unmatched. But that's not all! Andrew also possesses a keen eye for stunning landscapes and thrilling adventures. Prepare to be amazed by his undeniable talent.

25. David Lloyd (@davidlloyd)

David is a renowned New Zealand photographer whose captivating work has graced the pages of various books and magazines. If you want to immerse yourself in his stunning wildlife shots, simply follow his Instagram account. With numerous awards under his belt, David Lloyd has made a name for himself capturing the majestic African big cats, the awe-inspiring Great Migration, the adorable Ugandan primates, and even the captivating British wildlife. Don't miss out on his incredible talent!

26. Jason Charles Hill - @jasoncharleshill

Introducing Jason Charles Hill, the extraordinary Australian Adventure and Travel Photographer. Join him on thrilling Safari and Travel photography workshops in the mesmerizing landscapes of Namibia. Prepare to be awestruck by his breathtaking shots of wildlife, capturing the essence of nature like never before. Feast your eyes on one such incredible shot below.

27. Nick Kleer -@nickkleer

Check out Nick Kleer's incredible journey as a safari guide and expert wildlife photographer. Get ready to be amazed by his stunning documentation of Giza, the majestic Black Leopard/Black Panther of Kenya.

28. Craig Howes - @CraigHowes

Thats me to guy that wrote this article, Ive been known to take a decent picture or two of wild animals.

Preserving the Pulse of the Wild Through Stories As we conclude this virtual safari of imagery and storytelling, we are reminded that each follow, like, and share is more than a mere nod to the content creator’s skill — it is a recognition of the narrative they carry. The 25 safari content creators we have journeyed with hold the threads to stories that are unraveling in real-time, in the very heart of Africa’s wilderness. Through their lenses, we are afforded the privilege of witnessing nature's rawest moments and the delicate balance that must be preserved.

The Best Safari Content Creators in Africa (Safari Film Makers and Photographers)

These photographers, filmmakers, and guides serve as the vanguard of conservation, using their platforms to bring to light the beauty that could be lost to future generations if left unprotected. Their commitment extends beyond their art; it is a testament to their passion for the lands they walk and the wildlife they encounter. By following and supporting their work, we contribute to a larger movement — one that is crucial for the ongoing efforts to conserve the planet's most precious resources.

Enjoying a sunset Safari View Photo Craig Howes
Enjoying a sunset Safari View Photo Craig Howes

In the grand tapestry of social media, these content creators remind us that Instagram can be more than a highlight reel of human life; it can be a powerful tool for education and change. The awareness they spread can catalyze action, influencing policies and fueling conservation initiatives that span the globe. The stories they tell lay the foundation for empathy, which in turn sparks the desire to protect and preserve.

So, as you step back into your daily routine, let the impressions from these 25 visionaries linger. Let them remind you that Africa's wildlife and wild places are not just spectacles to be observed but vital components of our world that require our attention and aid. Carry their stories with you, share their messages, and remember that we all have a role to play in the conservation of our magnificent planet.

Wildebeest Crossing the Mara River

May the images and films you’ve seen inspire you to become not just an admirer of nature's artistry but also an advocate for its survival. The journey does not end here; it begins with us, every day, in the choices we make and the voices we amplify. Together, through awareness and action, we can ensure that the beauty captured by these creators endures for generations to come.

Thank you for traveling with us through the digital terrains of Africa. Until our next adventure, keep exploring, keep learning, and keep supporting those who bring the wilderness to our doorsteps.

This closing section wraps up the article with a reflective tone, emphasising the reader's role in the conservation effort and the impact of social media on environmental advocacy, leaving them with a sense of responsibility and a call to action.

We hope you enjoyed the list, we realise there are even more great Wildlife Photographers and Film Makers out there.

If there are any you think deserve to be on this list let us know.

Article by Craig Howes