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Unravelling the Secrets of Qwabi Private Game Reserve

Are you ready for an adventure that will transport you into the heart of Africa's untouched wilderness? Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience as we unveil the hidden gem of Qwabi Private Game Reserve. Set in one of Africa's two UNESCO-declared savannah biospheres, this exclusive haven awaits to bestow upon you the magic of the untamed savannah.

Cheetah in front of Car in Qwabi Private Game Reserve
Cheetah in front of Car in Qwabi Private Game Reserve
"I've been incredibly fortunate to explore Africa extensively. Being a Professional Safari Photographer and filmmaker, I've had the opportunity to experience some of the most stunning lodges and Game reserves on the continent. Every single one of them is breathtaking and has its own distinctive charm. One thing that truly amazed me about Qwabi was its remarkable diversity. Within this reserve, you can witness the resemblance of the Kalahari, parts of Kenya, as well as the iconic landscapes of Limpopo and Kruger National Park. It's a true paradise for anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature." Says Craig Howes
Red Sand of Qwabi Private Game Reserve in Limpopo, Safari Drive
Red Sand of Qwabi Private Game Reserve

Which province is Qwabi private game reserve in?

Qwabi Private Game Reserve is located in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. About a 3 Hour's Drive from Johannesburg.

Babohi Luxury Safari Lodge Qwabi

Who owns Qwabi private game reserve?

Qwabi Private Game Reserve is part of the Newmark portfolio of privately owned game reserves. Joining the likes of Motswari Private Game Reserve, nestled near the renowned Kruger National Park, Nkomazi Private Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, and the awe-inspiring Serengeti Sojourn - a luxury mobile camp that tracks the mesmerizing annual migration in East Africa.

Does Qwabi Private Game Reserve Have the Big 5?

Yes, Qwabi Private Game Reserve has the big 5 free-roaming on the reserve, along with Cheetahs and a host of other wild animals.

Big 5 Safari at Qwabi Private Game Lodge

How Big is Qwabi Private Game Reserve?

Qwabi is an astounding 11 000 Hectares (And looking to grow) which is similar to a large private concession in Kruger national park.

11 000 Hectares is 110 Square Kilometers.

Beautiful African Girl on Safari, Hero Shot

Qwabi Private Game Lodge Reviews- What to Expect.

It's important to note that Qwabi Private game reserve is not Kruger National Park, Kruger National Park is 2 Million Hectares, and Qwabi is 11 000 hectares. This size difference brings a bunch of pros and cons.

Pros of Qwabi

  • The Size means that it is easier to find animals Currently there are 2 prides of Lions on the reserve

  • Although the reserve is much smaller than Kruger, it does not feel small.

  • There are only 3 lodges on Qwabi, which means you hardly ever see other Safari Vehicles which gives the element of exclusivity.

  • Diversity of landscapes and animals.

  • The Lodges are very good value for money, You would pay over double for the same level of luxury in Kruger.

  • Close trip from Johannesburg.

  • The Red Warthogs (From the Red Sand)

  • Off-roading for selected wildlife sightings.

Cons of Qwabi

  • No wild dogs on the reserve, Wild Dogs require a lot of space

  • Wildlife Spotting can get predictable over time due to the size of the reserve. (I.e. You will never see a new pride of lions come into the territory unless they are introduced)

Sun Rise at Babohi Lodge Safari

Qwabi Game Lodge: Lodges in Qwabi

LETAMO, BABOHI and SEMELA are the 3 Lodges in Qwabi Private Game Reserve.

What to Expect in Qwabi Private Game Reserve.

A Sanctuary of Breathtaking Beauty

The Qwabi Private Game Reserve spans an impressive 11,000 hectares, nestled among the breathtaking Waterberg Mountain Range in South Africa's Limpopo Province. Here, you'll discover a paradise of stunning natural beauty, teeming with vibrant bushveld savannah and an array of wildlife.

Images by Craig Howes.

Discover the Ultimate Luxury Exclusivity

Get ready to be blown away by an unforgettable wildlife experience. Join daily game drives, where they'll take you on a thrilling hunt for the famed Big Five and an incredible variety of savannah animals. Keep a lookout for the magnificent Ground Hornbill, a critically endangered species that represents our commitment to conservation. And for those seeking more excitement, join their rangers on a safari walk to discover the hidden wonders of the smaller creatures, plants, and geological marvels that usually go unnoticed from a distance.

Dinner in the Bush on Safari South Africa

Wildlife Encounters of a Lifetime

Prepare to be captivated by a wildlife extravaganza like no other. Qwabi Private Game Reserve invites you on daily game drives, embarking on a quest for the legendary Big Five and the incredible array of wildlife that calls this savannah home. Keep your eyes peeled for the critically endangered Ground Hornbill, a majestic symbol of the reserve's dedication to conservation. For the more adventurous, set out on a safari walk, where you'll get up close and personal with the smaller fauna, flora, and geological wonders that often escape notice from afar.

Best Safari Experiences

Reconnect with Nature and Self

Qwabi is not just your typical safari destination; it's a haven for your soul. Picture yourself basking in the serenity as the sun sets over the reserve, and prepare to be amazed by the mesmerizing African night sky. Let their skilled "star rangers" guide you through a stargazing experience like no other. Witness the unveiling of celestial wonders before your very eyes, and feel a deep sense of wonder and connection with the vast universe.

Babohi Lodge Qwabi Luxury Lodges

Vibrant Hospitality and Bespoke Luxury Safari

From dawn to dusk, Qwabi Private Game Reserve invites you with unparalleled warmth and exquisite opulence. Escape the chaos of your daily routine and let Qwabi's magic engulf you. Immerse yourself in the melodious orchestra of nature, embrace the untamed magnificence of the wild, and surrender to an unforgettable adventure.

Wellness Safari Spa in Qwabi

Book Your Safari Escape. Qwabi Private Reserve See Prices.

Article by African Safari Mag Editor Craig Howes.

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