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Unveiling the Mystery: What Does an African Safari Really Cost?

Ah, the African safari – a dream woven into the hearts of many adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts! But, as you sit, daydreaming about the majestic lions and elegant giraffes, a practical question nudges you: "How much does this dream adventure actually cost?" Today, we're diving deep into the heart of Africa to unravel the mystery of safari costs. Buckle up; it's going to be an enlightening ride!

Jacks Camp Safari in Botswana at sunrise
Jacks Camp in Botswana

We've created an entire table by country below.

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Understanding Safari Costs – The Basics:

Before we embark on this financial safari, let's set the stage. An African safari isn't a one-size-fits-all package. Prices can swing wildly from a modest $125 to a lavish $1,500 per person per night. But what factors into this price range? Let's explore.

Self drive overland Safari In Namibia
Self drive overland Safari In Namibia

The Safari Spectrum: Budget to Luxury Safari

  • Budget Safaris ($125 - $250 per night): Perfect for the cost-conscious, these safaris offer basic accommodations and shared safari drives. Think tents and communal dining, but with the same thrilling wildlife experience.

  • Mid-Range Safaris ($350 - $700 per night): These offer a balance of comfort and adventure. Expect cozy lodges or tented camps, with more personalized experiences.

  • Luxury Safaris ($750 - $1,500+ per night): For those who want to indulge, luxury safaris provide exquisite lodges, gourmet meals, and exclusive game drives. It's the wild wrapped in opulence.

Tented Budget Safari Camping in South Africa
Budget Safari Camping in South Africa

Decoding Safari Costs: What's Included?

  • Accommodation: From tents to lodges, where you rest your head is a big part of the cost.

  • Game Drives: The essence of the safari! Costs vary based on group size and exclusivity.

  • Meals and Drinks: Most safaris are all-inclusive, but check if premium drinks are extra. Most Safari Lodges are all inclusive, however the Luxury Lodges will have Premium Drinks and Dining.

  • Park Fees: Conservation fees contribute to the preservation of these magnificent ecosystems.

Additional Expenses to Consider on Safari

  • Flights: International and domestic flights to your safari destination are a separate cost.

  • Visas and Vaccinations: Essential for your health and legal entry.

  • Travel Insurance: Don't leave home without it!

  • Tips and Souvenirs: For the wonderful staff and memories to take home.

When to Go on Safari: Timing is Money

Seasons affect pricing significantly. The high season (usually during dry months) offers the best wildlife viewing but at higher prices. The green season (wet months) might be more affordable, with lush landscapes and fewer tourists.

Girls on Safari

Choosing Your Safari Destination

Each African country offers a unique safari experience, with varying costs. For instance, South Africa and Namibia are known for more affordable options, while Botswana and Tanzania cater to mid-range and luxury experiences.

How much does an African Safari Cost?


Budget Camping





$150 / $120

$350 / $275

$525 / $400

$750+ / $700+


$100 / $80

$200 / $175

$300 / $300

$550+ / $475+


$120 / $100

$225 / $175

$225 / $175

$575+ / $525+

South Africa

$130 / $110

$225 / $200

$225 / $200

$550+ / $500+


$150 / $125

$275 / $250

$400 / $350

$600+ / $525+


$175 / $150

$300 / $250

$425 / $275

$600+ / $550+


$120 / $100

$225 / $200

$375 / $275

$550+ / $525+


$100 / $75

$200 / $150

$400 / $250

$575+ / $500+

In each cell, the first price is for Private tours and the second price is for Group tours. For example, in Botswana, a Budget Camping safari costs $150 per person per day for a private tour and $120 for a group tour.

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Note: The prices are indicative and may vary. The "+" symbol indicates that prices for luxury options can go higher than the mentioned amount. This table provides a comprehensive overview for readers, allowing them to easily compare safari costs across different countries and types.

Big Male Lion
Big Male Lion

Conclusion: An African safari is an investment in unforgettable experiences. Whether you're watching a lion pride at sunset or witnessing the Great Migration, it's an adventure that transcends any price tag. Remember, the cost of a safari is more than just a number; it's about the value of the memories you'll cherish forever.

Ready to Plan Your African Safari?

Embark on this once-in-a-lifetime journey with us at African Safari Mag. We're dedicated to crafting the perfect safari experience that aligns with your dreams and budget. Contact us today, and let's turn your African safari dream into a reality!

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