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The 12 Best Luxury Safari Lodges in Tanzania

Searching for the best luxury safari lodges in Tanzania? This East African gem isn't just about the Big Five. Experience the epitome of luxury in the wild with these iconic lodges.

Luxury Tanzania Safaris

Luxury Tanzanian safaris represent the pinnacle of African travel experiences, marrying the raw beauty of the continent's wilderness with unparalleled levels of comfort and service. Guests are treated to bespoke adventures in some of the world's most pristine wildlife habitats, from the expansive Serengeti plains to the stunning Ngorongoro Crater. What truly sets these luxury expeditions apart is the meticulous attention to detail: opulent tented camps and lodges nestled in prime locations, gourmet meals crafted from local ingredients, and personalised game drives with expert guides. The harmonious blend of nature's majesty and refined indulgence makes luxury Tanzanian safaris an unforgettable journey for discerning travellers.

Sabora Tented Camp, Serengeti Plains
Sabora Tented Camp, Serengeti Plains

Which Tanzania Safari is Best?

The Northern Safari Circuit ranks as the top choice among Tanzania's safari options, encompassing iconic sites like the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, and even the majestic Kilimanjaro. Additionally, for those inclined towards coastal beauty, Tanzania's shoreline and islands, notably Zanzibar, offer spectacular and easily reachable beaches.

Tanzania Luxury Safari

How much does a safari cost in Tanzania?

Tanzania stands out as one of the pricier safari options in Africa. Those on a tight budget might find options starting at $150 daily per individual. In contrast, luxury seekers should be prepared to shell out upwards of $1,000 per person each day. For those looking at a balanced experience, expect to invest between $300 and $500 daily per individual.

How many days is enough for Tanzania Safari?

For a brief immersion into Tanzania's wildlife, a span of 3 to 5 days is advisable, allowing travellers to explore a selection of national parks. Those intent on experiencing the premier reserves, such as the Serengeti, Ngororongoro, and Tarangire, should earmark a more extended period of 6 to 8 days.

Best Luxury Safari Tanzania

Sayari Camp, Northern Serengeti National Park

Visiting the Sayari Camp is truly a magical experience. Nestled deep within the heart of the Northern Serengeti, this camp flawlessly merges luxury with nature. From my tented suite, I had breathtaking views of the vast savannah, and the frequent visits by wandering wildlife just beyond my veranda were nothing short of mesmerizing. The sunsets here, painted with hues of orange and purple, were like watching a live masterpiece unfold.

The staff at Sayari Camp went above and beyond to make my stay memorable. Each game drive with their experienced guides was an adventure, especially tracking the Great Migration, which was a sight I'll cherish forever. The meals were exquisite, combining local flavours with international dishes, and dining under the African stars was an experience in itself. It's not just a camp; Sayari offers an immersive journey into the wild, with all the comforts you could wish for.

Unique for: Optimal views of the Great Migration's Mara River crossings. Located in the mesmerizing Northern Serengeti, Sayari Camp is a top pick for those eager to witness the unparalleled spectacle of the Great Migration.

Sayari Camp is Great for

  • Walking Safaris

  • Photography Safaris

Mwiba Lodge, Arugusinyai River

Mwiba Lodge, overlooking the Arugusinyai River, felt like a dream. The harmony of cultural experiences with traditional safaris was the highlight of my trip. The landscape around the lodge, dotted with age-old baobabs, offered an authentic African feel. Their private wildlife reserve ensured close encounters with wildlife, making every moment special.

Unique for: A harmonious blend of cultural and traditional safaris. Perched overlooking a rocky gorge, Mwiba Lodge delivers a luxurious retreat in the heart of a private wildlife reserve.

Nyasi Migrational Camp, Serengeti National Park

The mobile nature of Nyasi Migrational Camp is its most enchanting feature. Tracking the Great Migration from a strategic location was a thrilling experience. The camp moved with the rhythm of the wildlife, allowing for diverse views every morning. The staff's commitment to providing fresh perspectives and intimate wildlife experiences was outstanding.

Unique for: Its mobile nature, following the Great Migration's rhythm. Experience wildlife like never before with Nyasi Migrational Camp's shifting locations, tailored to the herds' movements.

Sabora Tented Camp, Serengeti Plains

Staying at Sabora Tented Camp was like travelling back in time. The 1920s safari ambience combined with modern amenities created a unique atmosphere. The open Serengeti plains stretched infinitely, and evenings by the campfire under the African sky were truly magical. Every detail here spoke of luxury and nostalgia.

Unique for: Its evocative 1920s safari ambience. For those yearning for nostalgia without compromising luxury, Sabora Tented Camp is your go-to.

Faru Faru, Grumeti Reserves

Set in the Grumeti Reserves, Faru Faru Lodge exudes luxury. The contemporary design blends effortlessly with the surroundings, offering both comfort and an authentic wilderness experience. The infinity pool overlooking the watering hole was a favorite spot, allowing me to view animals as they came for a drink.

Unique for: A blend of intimacy and contemporary design amidst the wild. Nestled in Grumeti Reserves, Faru Faru provides an up-close experience of Tanzania's raw beauty.

Greystoke Mahale, Lake Tanganyika

Nestled by Lake Tanganyika, Greystoke Mahale was an off-the-beaten-path experience. The chimp-tracking adventures were the highlight of my stay. Observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat was surreal. The camp's remote setting and the lake's pristine beaches offered serenity like no other.

Unique for: Chimpanzee tracking by Lake Tanganyika's pristine shores. Venture off the beaten path with Greystoke Mahale's remote, chimp-centric escapades (Chimpanzee Trekking).

Siwandu, Selous Game Reserve

Siwandu in the Selous Game Reserve was a revelation. Their diverse safaris, both on land and along the Rufiji River, provided unparalleled wildlife encounters. The tented accommodations, overlooking the water, ensured that I was constantly in touch with nature. Each dawn brought sounds of the wild, setting the tone for the day.

Unique for: Thrilling land and water-based safaris on the Rufiji River. Siwandu showcases the diverse ecosystem of Selous, making every safari a distinct adventure

Jongomero, Ruaha National Park

Jongomero in Ruaha National Park was the epitome of secluded luxury. Nestled in a remote region, it felt like I had the wilderness all to myself. The vast landscapes, combined with the luxury of the camp, created a unique safari experience. The roaring lions at night and the birdsong at dawn remain etched in my memory.

Unique for: Offering secluded wilderness experiences. Dive deep into nature's serenity with Jongomero's untouched landscapes and luxurious solitude.

Jabali Ridge, Ruaha National Park

Jabali Ridge stands as a testament to architectural brilliance amidst the wild. The panoramic wildlife views from the lodge were mesmerizing, and the modern amenities offered every comfort I desired. The spa treatments after a long game drive were rejuvenating. The entire setting was a perfect blend of luxury and wilderness.

Unique for: Modern architectural marvels with panoramic wildlife views. Jabali Ridge is where modern luxury meets traditional Tanzanian safaris.

Roho ya Selous, Selous Game Reserve

In the heart of the Selous Game Reserve, Roho ya Selous was a multifaceted treat. The diverse range of safaris, especially the boat trips on the Rufiji River, provided a fresh perspective on the African wilderness. The camp's design, with its open sides, brought the outside in, allowing nature to be the backdrop of my stay.

Unique for: A diverse mix of land safaris and Rufiji River boat trips. Embrace the heart of Selous with Roho ya Selous's multifaceted safari offerings

Gibbs Farm, Ngorongoro Crater

Gibbs Farm, with its rich history, was a refreshing break from traditional safaris. Located near the Ngorongoro Crater on an old coffee estate, the verdant surroundings were rejuvenating. The farm-to-table meals were delightful, and the cultural interactions added depth to my Tanzanian experience.

Unique for: A cultural retreat on an old coffee estate. Step back in time and unwind with Gibbs Farm's rich history and verdant surroundings

The Highlands, Ngorongoro Crater

Elevated both in luxury and location, The Highlands near the Ngorongoro Crater was unlike any other. The unique dome-shaped accommodations offered both warmth and a panoramic view of the surroundings. Set amidst dense forests, the camp provided a unique vantage point for observing the area's rich biodiversity.