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A Safari That Matters: Best Sustainable Tourism Lodges in Africa (2024)

So, let's talk sustainable safari! We've all seen amazing photos and heard stories of African wildlife and landscapes. But we can't forget that they are home to real people who need these places for their livelihoods. Sustainable tourism is essential in preserving these incredible areas not just so travellers like us get a good Instagram shot, but also so future generations enjoy them too! It takes respect for the land and its communities - come learn more with me on this journey towards understanding what sustainable safari truly means.

Luxury African Responsible and Sustainable Safari Experiences

If you're planning a safari to Africa, be sure to choose one that embraces sustainability and responsibility! Responsible lodges not only protect local wildlife and their habitats; they also provide economic benefits for the community as well help preserve traditional cultures. Plus, with every sustainable tour taken we raise awareness around conservation efforts – who knows, maybe your experience will make an impact on this amazing continent? Travel responsibly: it's great fun too!

What to look for in sustainable safari lodges?

Environmental practices:

For a truly sustainable safari lodge, commitment to reducing its environmental impact is key. From incorporating renewable energy sources and minimizing waste to conserving water - taking the extra steps will make sure that your awesome African adventure doesn't leave any lasting negative effects!

Conservation efforts:

An eco-friendly safari lodge is a special kind of experience. A sustainable one that's committed to conservation and protecting the habitats it operates within? That takes things up another level; anti-poaching patrols, wildlife monitoring, community development programs - are all essential for preserving our planet’s precious ecosystems!

Community development:

As a sustainable safari lodge, let's unite with our local community and create positive change-supporting education, healthcare initiatives and creating opportunities for more prosperous lives. Let’s use this incredible nature experience to benefit everyone!

Responsible tourism:

A sustainable safari lodge isn't just a place to stay, it's an opportunity for cultural enrichment and environmental responsibility. By hiring local staff, promoting educational activities that celebrate the culture of its destination, and minimizing negative impacts on both people and wildlife alike - these lodges have their sights set higher than most!


If you're looking for the perfect safari lodge experience, make sure to look out for lodges that are certified by respected authorities such as GSTC and Rainforest Alliance. Going with a sustainable option will not only give you an awesome adventure but also support efforts towards conservation of wildlife and local communities!

Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Sustainable Safari Tanzania

Segera Retreat is giving new meaning to luxury travel, with a stunning eco-lodge situated in the unbelievable Laikipia region of Kenya. But this isn't just about pampering and relaxation; at its core, Segera Prioritizes sustainability and conservation efforts - like generating electricity via solar power, harvesting rainwater for use within the lodge complex, using natural materials where possible during construction – all while encouraging community development in one of Africa's most unique wildlife regions. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

From elephants to leopards, Segera Retreat is an oasis of wildlife conservation. Located on a 50,000-acre sanctuary managed by the Zeitz Foundation - with its focus on sustainable community development and conservation - it offers guests incredible opportunities like tracking wild animals while learning about their ecosystems. Not only that but they also support local communities through employment and projects in education and healthcare!

Segera Retreat, Kenya Sustainable Safari

At Segera Retreat, you can live a life teeming with adventure and experience unique moments that will stay with you forever. From tracking wild animals in their natural habitats to coming together with local communities to make positive change, Segera Retreat is the perfect place for exploration and discovery.

Explore the rugged beauty of Kenya's Laikipia wilderness with Segera, a luxurious eco-lodge situated on an expansive 50,000 acre wildlife sanctuary. From majestic elephants to elusive leopards, this remote getaway offers unparalleled opportunities to discover its abundant and diverse animal life - all while contributing to sustainability efforts such as community development and environmental protection!

You'll get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful wildlife in Africa while learning about their unique ecosystems. You can also join initiatives that will help raise awareness and gain insight into how conservation efforts help protect these amazing animals.

Segera Retreat is committed to supporting local communities, from providing job opportunities and training to helping fund educational and healthcare projects.

Segera Retreat offers a luxurious safari experience like no other, with an ambitious mission to make conservation and community development their number one priority. This unique adventure provides the perfect balance between indulging in luxury while still doing your part for sustainable tourism & wildlife protection!

African Bush Camps, Somalisa Camp, Zimbabwe

This unique group offers unforgettable safaris that are committed to sustainable tourism and conservation across Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia. Their mission is to preserve cultural heritage while working closely with local communities for lasting livelihoods — making them a truly compassionate travel destination. Experience each location's distinct character through their variety of campsites perfect for any explorer looking to immerse themselves in this natural wonderland!

Embrace the incredible African wilderness by visiting Somalisa Camp in beautiful Hwange National Park. You'll be impressed with its dedication to sustainability and conservation, as evidenced through their efforts such as solar-generated electricity and rainwater collection for camp usage. Plus, it's a win/win! Not only can you experience world class luxury safari accommodations surrounded by stunning beauty - but also support local communities and environmental protection initiatives – talk about making an impact on two fronts!

Somalisa Camp is situated in an area of incredible natural abundance and beauty, providing visitors with a once-in-a lifetime chance to spot lions, elephants and buffalo amongst other majestic creatures. We take immense pride knowing the camp champions conservation causes including vital anti-poaching patrols along with wildlife monitoring initiatives plus community development projects that truly make it one of Africa's most special places

Wilderness safari sustainable tourism: Mombo Camp, Okavango Delta Botswana.

If you're looking for an unforgettable safari experience that supports sustainable tourism and conservation efforts, then Wilderness Safaris is your perfect choice! This leading African tour provider has been recognized by organizations like the World Travel & Tourism Council and even won several awards from the prestigious African Responsible Tourism Awards. By opting to go with Wilderness Safaris on your next adventure, not only will you have a fantastic time surrounded in nature but also support local communities.

Mombo Camp is located in the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana and is known for its abundant wildlife, including large populations of elephants, lions, and leopards. The camp is committed to sustainability and conservation, and has won several awards for its efforts in these areas.

Forget what you thought about game viewing in Africa - Mombo Camp takes it to a new level! Responsible and conscious of its fragility, this area is powered 100% by solar energy for all electricity and hot water needs. Waste water goes through an above-ground sewage plant before being returned carefully into the environment without harm. And no need lugging around bottled water as onsite reverse osmosis filtration means always having high-quality drinking H2O wherever your heart desires at Mombo Camp!

Angama Mara, Maasai Mara, Kenya

Take a leap to the top of Kenya’s scenic Maasai Mara for an unforgettable stay at Angama Mara. This eco-friendly lodge is plastic free and offers guests sustainable experiences like ‘The Shamba,’ their own verdant vegetable garden! And every time you spend a night here, they donate $10 towards important community and conservation projects in Africa as part of The Angama Foundation initiative - so not only will travellers get rewarded with amazing views overlooking the majestic Great Rift Valley but also make an impact that lasts long after your visit ends.

Wilderness Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

At Bisate Lodge near Volcanoes National Park, they truly walk their talk when it comes to sustainability. Their innovative water filtration system eliminates the need for bottled H2O; in place of plastic straws and bags you’ll find eco-friendly beeswax wraps and bamboo fiber coffee cups!

Plus, a rainwater harvesting system provides even more renewable power. To further reduce food transportation costs, an onsite organic garden is tended with waste donated locally as stock feed or compost - while over 100k seedlings are planted annually thanks to the lodge's reforestation program which has dramatically increased surrounding flora & fauna diversity. Bravo Bisate!

Step into the heart of Rwanda's wilderness and be enthralled by the breathtaking view of mountains rising above you! Wilderness Bisate offers six immaculate conically shaped thatched forest villas, evocative reminders of Rwandan culture. These spacious accommodations will provide guests with ample room to relax in comfort as they take on a tranquil setting featuring 91 square metres filled with luxurious amenities like fireplaces and verandas offering views worth admiring afar. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through Nature at its finest!

Kwitonda Lodge, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Incredible! Kwitonda is one of Africa's most sustainable lodges, and their commitment to the environment goes way beyond construction. Just look at Akarabo – they established a nursery that’s already planted 250K trees as part of an incredible reforestation project for Volcanoes National Park. Plus, thanks to consultation with thermal engineers who optimized energy performance, air conditioning isn't even necessary - how crazy is that? It speaks volumes about this amazing lodge doing its bit in preserving the habitat for endangered mountain gorillas and other wildlife species. With a great investment in both labour and love, over 500 talented artisans and builders from the local area used only locally-sourced materials to construct this stunning lodge. It's truly an ode to craftsmanship!

Experience Rwanda's unparalleled wilderness and be enveloped in a sanctuary of tranquillity. Kwitonda Lodge has crafted local artisan designs to provide the perfect atmosphere for contemplating your encounters with gentle giants - complete with woven ceilings, hand-fired terracotta brickwork, and an on-site Conservation Room where you can learn about wildlife conservation efforts while enjoying farm-to-table food from the nursery & vegetable garden!

andBeyond’s Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa is the epitome of sustainable luxury -Guests staying at the lodge can experience a one-of-a-kind safari to witness some of Africa's most majestic creatures, and they have the chance to get involved in meaningful community and conservation initiatives while there!

With energy-efficient air conditioners, LED lights and timers on pumps & water heaters for maximum efficiency. Plus, all plastic bottles have been eliminated from lodges at Phinda to reduce environmental waste by 11,800 per month! Guests can get involved too through the Pangolin Conservation Experience; a unique opportunity allowing them to accompany researchers as they search one of Earth's rarest species while helping conduct health checks. Not only that but local employment and community development are also prioritized at this incredible reserve.

Mfuwe Lodge, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

If you're looking for a green getaway, Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia is the place to be! This eco-conscious lodge runs off solar power and uses its own fully stocked worm farm to create organic fertilizer that's then used in tree planting programs around nearby villages. Plus, guests contribute each year with The Bushcamp Company donating $400K annually to support important local conservation projects through their Luangwa Conservation & Community Fund.

ELE Collection is an exciting new jewelry line - handcrafted with love to honor the majestic elephants that gracefully stride into Mfuwe. Finer still, proceeds from each purchase are directly donated towards Conservation South Luangwa's anti-poaching efforts and helping provide clean water to those in need!

Honaib Valley Camp, Namibia

Lets journey to Namibia and the incredible Honaib Valley Camp – where all of nature comes together in perfect harmony. Everything from its dining tables to cushions were locally sourced, giving back and helping promote regional cultures and communities. Plus, this eco-friendly camp runs 100% on solar power; no fossil fuel required! And their sewer system is designed so that wastewater passes through sealed units resulting in purified water returning safely back into our precious environment.

Kaokoland is an adventure seeker's paradise! Located deep in the north-western corner of Namibia, its rugged mountainscapes and majestic sand dunes will take your breath away. In addition to its stunning landscapes, you'll find plenty of wildlife roaming around - including some unique species found only here. But what makes this space truly extraordinary are the Himba settlements that have made their home amongst these ancient peaks and plateaus for centuries. If you're lucky enough to catch a glimpse into Kaokoland’s wild beauty then consider yourself blessed!

This one-of-a kind experience is here! Hoanib Valley Camp provides a luxe, eco-friendly adventure that blends right in with the desert landscape. From spotting endangered animals like rhino and elephant to relaxing on your own private veranda while sipping an ice-cold G&T - this camp has it all if you're looking for some serious wild west vibes. Get ready for magical sunsets and unforgettable memories at this incredible joint venture between local communities and Giraffe Conservation Foundation -- the world’s only Africa-wide giraffe conservation organization!

Xigeria Lodge, Botswana

Experience something extraordinary at Xigera Safari Lodge, a luxurious destination in Botswana's western reaches's spectacular Moremi Game Reserve. From its breathtaking views on Okavango Delta floodplains to thrilling safari excursions, your journey through this iconic location will be an unforgettable adventure!

Xigera Lodge in Botswana goal is to protect the incredible flora and fauna of their surroundings while serving as a model for sustainable living - they even made it part of the TreadRight commitment to remove all single-use plastics! What's more, this pristine spot has managed an impressive feat: powering almost entirely off solar energy thanks to installed SolarView tinted glass, thermodynamic geysers AND the game-changing hybrid power system that cuts down on diesel usage by 175 000 litres per year & reduces 500 tons of carbon emissions annually. And get this...Xigera hopes one day soon these amazing efforts will allow them to charge up electric vehicles from sun-powered batteries!!

Sarara Camp, Kenya

Ever wanted to explore the African wild? Look no further than Sarara Camp, an incredible luxury eco-lodge nestled in northern Kenya's Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy! Not only does this amazing destination offer up close views of endangered wildlife like elephants and wild dogs - with a focus on preservation and community development, you can also partake in conservation initiatives that help keep it all alive. Join us at Sarara for the ultimate adventure experience straight from nature itself!